Development and Operations Working in Tandem

At Octavian, we do DevOps a little differently. We understand that the key to a successful product rollout is a smooth pipeline with testing to help ensure repeatable mistakes are identified and addressed—no more ad-hoc processes resulting in random errors and “shooting from the hip” ad hoc resolutions. Whether you’re starting out with the development of a great idea, or you’re ready to scale a project and struggling to find your path, we can help.

  • Streamline software and infrastructure delivery.
  • Standardize, automate, and communicate throughout development.
  • Test, monitor, and perform for success.

What can DevOps do for YOUR business? Let’s find out!

Fewer Silos, More Connections

For many businesses, IT, engineering, and data science work in separate areas. Leadership is often working from above, and no one is on the same page. With larger teams, companies struggle to scale projects, deploy software, deal with source control, or carryout backlog management. They're missing consistency.

DevOps will help you add the right structure to your project, build it out and streamline the process. Mistakes and errors are quickly recognized and addressed. Projects are scalable, and testing is consistent and straightforward.

If you find yourself frantically putting out fires as they arise, or can’t get your team on the same page, explore the Octavian DevOps services. We help you align DevOps across your organization. With  a strategic approach, DevOps facilitates cloud migrations, machine learning, data management, and more.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC)

At Octavian, we specialize in IaC. We manage and provision systems through code to deploy infrastructure across environments. IaC helps ensure consistency every step of the way from production through testing and deployment.

IaC  levels  up  your  development  organization—you  know that  any  aspect  you  test  will  translate  into  the  production  environment.  It’s easy to click around and create cloud resources, but unless you use IaC, those creations can quickly become disorganized and out of hand. With IaC, if a misstep occurs or a duplicate environment is needed, recreating an environment takes a matter of minutes, not weeks. We’ll  help  you develop build-and-release pipelines, software repositories, and branching strategies. Our goal is always to teach and mentor as we go—helping you build a stronger, more successful team.

All these pieces come together to form a cohesive story—a story of success for your business.

DevOps and Machine Learning

87% of machine learning projects never make it to production due to lack of leadership or other complications. Yet, the global market and demand continue to grow by billions. That’s a significant investment for your business to make when the success rate is well under 15%.

DevOps is crucial in machine learning. As we develop new ML models unique needs arise—source code, data sets, models, training, and deployment. With MlOps in place, the machine learning engineers tooling helps to enable their success by providing version consistency and repeatability similar to what DevOps bring for development teams.

When DevOps is done right, it can cut release cycles significantly. Some businesses have seen as much as 80% improvements in testing cycles thanks to streamlining and automation. If you’re wondering how DevOps can help you bring your technology projects to life, reach out to Octavian today. Reach out today and we’ll show you how practical implementation of DevOps can be a game-changer!

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