Octavian contributes to Microsoft article on Data Science Lifecycle Process (DSLP)
May 12, 2020

Octavian Technology Group’s Carolyn Olsen, Principal Data Scientist, and Cameron Vetter, Principal Architect, provide their perspectives in a recent Microsoft Tech Community article. Olsen and Vetter dive into the various challenges faced by enterprise data science teams and how an end-to-end Data Science Lifecycle Process (DSLP) can help.

In the article MLOps is Not Enough: The Need for an End-to-End Data Science Lifecycle Process it is explained that simply jumping onto the MLOps train, while great for deployment, monitoring and retraining, might not be enough to keep many erstwhile teams from falling into the familiar trappings of:

The article suggests that for many, there exists a gap in the process in going from the ideation phase to the point of model building and deployment. In our experience. an open-sourced DSLP process can help — especially in the breaking down of silos between data scientists, developers, IT and the business.

Deeper into the article, Olsen provides perspective from the point of view of a data scientist, while Vetter contributes his thoughts as an engineer — both sharing just how integral DSLP can be in shepherding a data science project along towards planned implementation.

Be sure to read the full article to learn more.

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