Azure Open AI Service brings GPT-3 Natural Language Generation

November 15, 2021
Common GPT-3 Use Cases

Today, over 300 applications are delivering GPT-3–powered search, conversation, text completion, and other advanced AI features. GPT-3 (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3) “is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.” In other words, it is AI that is better at creating content that has a language structure – human or machine language.

A few days ago, Microsoft announced the new Azure Open AI Service which expands what customers can do by combining the Open AI’s API and Azure platform.

The new Open AI API uses GPT-3 models which can understand and generate natural language. There are four base series that have varied capabilities that are suitable for different tasks. It also uses a Codex series that contains a set of models that can understand and generate code, which can also translate natural language to code and code to language.

This feature is helpful for businesses which need to generate effective product description, ads, headlines or customer correspondence. Also, with this cognitive service, users can publish effective content promptly. The model can understand nuances in the text, extract meaning and summarize information in the right tone for the right audience.

The new Azure Open AI Service can generate working code from natural language which means that you can use commands in English to create a piece of software with Open AI. It makes developers more productive in accelerating software development. Open AI Codex allows computers to better understand people’s intent which can empower its users to collaborate more with the computer.

Another important feature of the new Azure Open AI API is that it innovates on behalf of its customers. It integrates with Microsoft Power BI platform in making data analytics accessible for everyone. It also generates DAX expression which is the language used in Power Bi and excel to define complex calculations. Customers can use natural language to describe what they are trying to accomplish and have power BI automatically create the DAX expression for them. This allows users to make sophisticated business logic without having to become a DAX expert first.

Azure Open AI API provides a new kind of platform that enables all skill levels to apply their creativity and scale ideas from concept to production. It also makes powerful tools  accessible to enterprises with the ease of experimentation and creativity. Its API’s text in, text out interface allows users to apply it to virtually any language task or code task by showing it a few examples of what you would like it to do.

Businesses need tools and models that ensure their ability to generate content that is suitable for them while preventing misuse. Azure Open AI API comes with built-in features that empower customers to responsibly apply technology in a wide range of applications with contents filters. Currently Microsoft is focused on safely and security that is why at the moment, access will be granted to through invitation only to customers who have well-defined cases that represent responsible use of AI technology.

Azure Open AI Service promises to offer Open AI customers  additional layers of security, access management, private networking, data handling protections or scaling capacity brought by Azure.

The preview release of Azure Open AI Service is an opportunity for a wide range of software of organizations and industries to strengthen their hold on the new business applications taking shape around advances in natural language processing and text generation.

Since the release of GPT-3, many developers have used it to create interesting and sometimes unexpected applications. From email composition to text summary, website design, and even software code generation, the large language model has shown promise to be a platform for innovation and new products.

What applications in your company can be innovated and improved through language code generation?  What can be made better with Azure Open AI Service?

If you're ready to explore machine learning and AI for natural language generation, reach out today. We’re here to help you move your technology forward.
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