Azure ARM Templates Improvements Simplify DevOps for the Cloud [Build 2020]

May 19, 2020
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Azure Resource Manager template enhancements increase accuracy and streamline customer process

Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates help customers deliver infrastructure as code using a simple configuration language. To increase accuracy and further streamline customers’ process, Microsoft is introducing two public previews: “What-If” Analysis and Deployment Scripts.

With “What-If Analysis,” customers who leverage ARM templates can now assess the impact of a deployment to an environment before submitting any changes to the deployed resources. This enables organizations to predetermine what resources will be created, updated or deleted, including any resource property changes, with a simple execution of the “what-if” command. With the Deployment Script public preview, customers can now complete an end-to-end environment setup in a single ARM Template. The resource will execute any PowerShell or Bash script as part of a customer’s template deployment. This script can be included as part of an ARM Template or referenced from an external source.

Visit the Azure blog to learn more.

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